The 36' Contender is the newest addition to our fleet. It is outfitted with 3 Yamaha 300s. If you would like to get this boat booked give Sarah a call at 409-599-0576

Jetty/Ship Channel Trip

Jetty/Ship Channel trips are a great year-round trip for the whole family.

It’s a fast 20-minute boat ride to the fishing grounds with large varieties of fish to be caught.

This trip is offered in half or full day options in the morning or afternoon.

Expected catch for this trip depending on the time of year can include:

Redfish, Black Drum, Trout, Sheepshead, Flounder, Sharks, Stingray, Jackfish, Gafftop, Whiting, etc.

1-3 people   ($50 for each additional person max of 6)

     1/2 day  $650         Full day $800

Shark Hunt

Shark Hunts are a fun filled action packed day catching large numbers of sharks running behind shrimp boats, on the beach front or to the close rigs.

This trip is approximately 6-7 hours total time.

Expected catch on this trip can include:

 Black Tips, Hammerhead, Spinner, Sandbar, Bull or Tiger Sharks, Kingfish, Jackfish, Bull Reds, etc

1-6 people