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3 man keeper red limit

 Thanks to all my repeat and new customers for choosing Rod Bending Charters Hope to see you on the water in 2018

2008-2018 Reports 
 On 4/22/08 The keeper reds and bull reds were hiting live shrimp and the jacks were thick smokin the line off our rods.
 On 4/23/08 we had great catches of keeper reds and drum at the jetty
 On 4/24/08  The catch was lots of sand trout and bull whiting, Gaftop and sheephead.
 On 4/25/08 we caught 17 specs on a 1/2 day trip in the bay using live shrimp
 On 4/27/08  wade fishing was great for large specs on live bait
 On 4/28/08 The jetty fishing was good for reds and sheephead lots of gulf trout
 On 5/3/08 We had a great gulf trout bite catching 76 fish  
 On 5/4/08 The Gulf trout still biting great and the big bull whiting
 On 5/5/08 Windy conditions made it tough but we caught fish
 On 5/7/08 We had a great day catching reds and some specs at the jetty
 On 5/9/08  We fished the jetty catching trout and sharks
 On 5/17/08 We fished bridges catching trout and some reds
 On 5/18/08 We had great catches of gulf trout and bull whiting
 On 6/2/08  The trout were schooled up hitting live croakers
 On 6/3/08 caught limits of trout and a few reds
 On 6/4/08 wade fishing was great for spec
 On 6/5/08 muddy water made it tough but gulf trout bit
 On 6/6/08 still muddy but caught reds and gaftop
 On 6/8/08 The trout were biting but strong currents were alot of trouble
 On 6/21/08 Keeper reds and specs were in a feeding frenzy
 On 6/22/08 The frenzy continued the bite was fast
 On 6/24/08 The trout and reds were biting along with gulf trout
 On 6/25/08 The mackeral were thick hitting every shrimp that touched the water
 On 6/27/08 Muddy water moved in making fishing tough but we did catch a few.
 On 6/28/08 The jetty produced bull reds and a few large trout
 On 6/29/08 Shark trip was good catching black tips
 On 7/03/08 Limits of trout
 On 7/04/08 Trout and redfish bites were good
 On 7/05/08 Trout bite was great catching limits
 On 7/08/08 Large numbers of big trout were caught
 On 7/09/08 Trout, Redfish and Mackeral were caught at the jetty
 On 7/10/08 Trout, Redfish and Mackeral at the jetty
 On 7/11/08 Limits of trout early in the morning
 On 7/12/08 Trout bite was hot
 On 7/13/08 Deep sea trip catching red snapper, kingfish and sharks
 On 7/15/08 Specs were hitting live shrimp
 On 7/17/08 Specs and mackeral at the jettys
 On 7/18/08 Jack fish bit good at the 9 mile rigs several sharks also
 On 7/20/08 Trout bit live bait at the wreck
 On 7/21/08 Mack attack at the jetty 1 after another
 On 7/22/08 Gulf Trout and Reds
 On 7/26/08 Trout and Reds at the ship wreck
 On 7/27/08 Reds, Trout, Drum, Gafftop and Sharks at jetties
 On 7/29/08 Reds, Drum, Gulf trout at jetty
 On 7/30/08 Sharks thick at jetty along with a few bull reds
 On 8/1/08  The fishing was good catching everything at the jetty
 On 8/2/08  Muddy water and high winds made it tuff fishing we caught gulf trout
 On 8/3/08  The gulf trout bit good along with a few large specs
 On 8/4/08 Pre storm fishing for sharks and reds was great at the jetty
 On 8/7/08 The reds bit live shrimp and sharks bit everything
 On 8/8/08 Sharks behind shrimp boats and drifting chum line
 On 8/9/08 Specs reds sheep head black drum and sharks were all biting
 On 8/11/08 Reds at the jetty
 On 8/12/08 High winds made it tuff but the trout bit
 On 8/14/08 The jetty was good fishing
 On 8/16/08 Bull reds bit along with sharks at jetty
 On 8/17/08 Jetty fishing slowed down but we caught fish
 On 8/18/08 Shark trip good
 On 8/20/08 bull reds bit
 On 8/22/08 gulf trout and reds at jetty
 On 8/24/08 wow we caught alot of sharks at jetty also bull reds
 On 8/30/08 jetty fishing produced alot of sharks
 On 8/31/08 jetty fishing sharks and mackeral
 On 9/01/08 bull red and shark at jetty
 On 9/02/08 bad weather forced to cancel trip
On 10/15/08 The reds were biting great
On 10/17/08 Reds still biting along with gaftop
On 10/19/08 Bulls biting good
On 10/20/08 Flounder fishing was fair catching 10 flounder on a halfe day trip
On 10/22/08 we caught 3 large sharks 100 pounds each and a large number of reds several gaftop and sand trout
On 10/28/08 the flounder fishing was great
On 10/29/08 the flounder still biting great
On 10/30/08 flounder bite still good
On 11/01/08 Flounder fishing slowed down do to hot weather
On 11/03/08 Flounder bit but alot of small ones and a few keepers
On 11/06/08 We got some large flounder a good sign the run is starting
On 11/08/08 We got a limit of flounder
On 11/09/08 Flounder fishing was good catching 20 fish
On 11/11/08 Had to fish hard but we did catch 12 flounder
On 11/14/08 The flounder were big today catching several 5 pounders a total of 17 fish on a 4 hour trip along with several smaller throw backs.
On 11/15/08 High winds and muddy water tough fishing
On 11/16/08 14 keepers on a four hour trip
On 11/18/08 Ten keepers on half day trip
On 11/21/08 Flounder bite was great catching 4 man limit 40 fish
On 11/22/08 Bite still good catching 2 man limits
On 11/23/08 15 keeper flounder 1/2 day trip
On 11/26/08 great flounder bite 23 fish
On 11/27/08 20 flounder on 1/2 day trip
On 12/01/08 Flounder were biting good
On 12/04/08 Bite still good
On 12/05/08 Flounder and trout bit good
On 12/07/08 Red fish, flounder
On 12/19/08 Great redfish bite also drum and sheepheads
The 2009 drum run is just around the corner jetty fishing will soon start to heat up catching big fish in the 40 pound range.
On 01/03/09 Bull red (40 inches) sheep heads, drum, gulf trout
On 01/10/09 keeper reds and drum on live shrimp
On 01/18/09 gulf trout and reds
On 01/25/09 great action at jetty catchin 10 redfish and 15 sheepheads
On 02/10/09 jetty fishing redfish drum
On 02/14/09 Happy valentines- Jetty trip 40lb drum lots of gulf trout cleaned 32
On 02/19/09 Jetty trip bull reds bit good catching 6 man limits
On 02/24/09 great catch bull reds keeper reds big drum and sheepheads
On 02/25/09 bull reds, keeper reds, giant black drum, and sheepheads
On 02/26/09 Fishing was non stop action at the jetty
On 03/01/09 Fishing was great at jetty
On 03/02/09 Reds Drum Sheepheads on live shrimp at jetty
On 03/03/09 40lb drum bit on blue crab we slamed the fish
On 03/05/09 drum and reds
On 03/07/09 sheepheads bit good along with giant drum
On 03/08/09 afternoon trip to jetty drum sheepheads trout on live shrimp
On 03/10/09 Drum after drum and a few reds.
On 03/14/09 Cold weather the fish were still hungry catching drum reds sheepsheads
On 03/15/09 Non stop action on live shrimp.
On 03/16/09 Fishing was good at jetty
On 03/17/09 Jetty fishing great
On 03/18/09 action for drum reds and sheephead non stop
On 03/19/09 reds bit at jetty
On 03/20/09 jetty fishing still hot
On 03/21/09 sheepheads drum and reds
On 03/22/09 keeper reds pup drum bull reds and sheepheads at jetty
On 03/24/09 windy and rough but reds and drum at jetty gulf trout and whiting at ship wreck
On 03/30/09 Lots of sheepheads and a few reds at jetty
On 04/02/09 jetty trip we did good on drum/reds
0n 04/03/09 rough water drum and bull reds were hungry catching approx 20 fish
On 04/04/09 drum sheepheads reds
On 04/05/09 30 sheepheads, big drum and jacks, redfish, gulf trout, mackeral.
On 04/08/09 Jetty trip reds and sheepheads 40 fish
On 04/09/09 big drum and sheepheads also 5 redfish
On 04/15/09 redfish,trout,sheepheads
On 04/16/09 rough water but managed a few reds and sheepheads.
On 04/17/09 had to cancel bad weather
On 04/22/09 blacktip shark 4ft sandbar shark 5ft keeper red and a few sheepheads at jetty
On 04/23/09 Redfish gulf trout and sum big gaftop sail cats
On 04/26/09 gulf trout redfish pup drum gaftop
On 04/30/09 Had to cancel bad weather
On 05/02/09 5 keeper reds gulf trout golden croaker spanish mackeral
On 05/03/09 Big gulf trout and whiting a few gaftop
On 05/06/09 bull reds and lots of sharks
On 05/09/09 Reds and sharks still feeding at jetty
On 05/12/09 trout and reds still catching sharks
On 05/16/09 18 specs up to 24 inches keeper reds
On 05/17/09 windy but got 5 reds and some sheepheads, north wind messing things up.
On 05/23/09 trout, redfish, and sharks at the jetty trip
On 05/24/09 sharks, jacks, mackeral, redfish jetty trip
On 05/30/09 redfish, trout bite was good
On 06/02/09 shark trip catching blacktips up to 6ft
On 06/03/09 shark trip blacktips still biting
On 06/04/09 bull reds, sharks, and mackeral at jetties
On 06/06/09 sharks, redfish, mackeral at jetties
On 06/07/09 jetty trip kingfish, large mackeral and sharks
On 06/08/09 sharks biting good at jetty
On 06/10/09 Shark trip was great catching big blacktips up to 5ft.
On 06/13/09 shark trip there biting great
On 06/15/09 still shark fishing and the bite is good
On 06/16/09 jetty trip gulf trout whiting gaftop and a few small sharks very windy and muddy water.
On 06/18/09 shark trip good action on black tips
On 06/20/09 12 specs 4 reds 2 sharks and mackeral at the north jetty 1/2 day trip
On 06/21/09 blacktips and sharpnose sharks in a feeding frenzy in the chum slick
On 06/22/09 Jetty trip sharks mackeral gulf trout gaftops whiting
On 06/24/09 shark trip catching blacktips
On 06/26/09 jetty trip trout reds and sharks bit good
On 07/01/09 jetty trip was good
On 07/03/09 great trout action catching 3 man limits 30 fish
On 07/04/09 trout limits easy to catch on live shrimp
On 07/05/09 tough fishing high winds muddied up water
On 07/06/09 rain and wind made it tough but a few fish
On 07/09/09 jetty trip was good catching drum specs and a  few sharks
On 07/11/09 shark trip good at close rigs
On 07/12/09 keeper red golden croakers gaftops sharks at jetty
On 07/13/09 specs and reds lots of big ladyfish on live shrimp
On 07/14/09 jetty trip was good fishing
On 07/16/09 specs bite was good in channel
On 07/18/09 jetty fishing still good
On 07/19/09 speckled trout in channel including a 28in, 25in, 24in monsters on live croaker
On 07/25/09 drum and gulf trout
On 07/26/09 big bull reds at jetty
On 07/27/09 bull reds, croakers, and sharks at the jetty
On 08/02/09 Jetty fishing great catching reds trout
On 08/03/09 Specs and bull reds at jetty
On 08/05/09 The kids had a blast catching specs gulf trout  pup drum  redfish and  sharks
On 08/07/09 Bullreds at jetty
On 08/08/09 Jetty fishing still good
On 08/09/09 Jetty fishing trip catching everything
On 08/10/09 Sharks and redfish
On 08/12/09 Had young kids 8 @ 10 catching trout and sheepheads
On 08/15/09 Kinda slow catching a big hammerhead 7ft and a few trout
On 08/16/09 15 keeper reds 8 bull reds 7 trout and a few mackeral great jetty trip
On 08/18/09 Rainy day redfish feeding frenzy
On 08/20/09 Big lady fish reds and trout
On 08/22/09 bull reds and sharks
On 08/23/09 bull reds and specs
On 08/29/09 shark trip good catching black tips
On 09/01/09 Trout bite very good
On 09/03/09 Trout feeding frenzy
On 09/04/09 beachfront trout bite hot
On 09/05/09 Jetty trip bull reds
On 09/06/09 Few fish reel tough bite.
On 09/09/09 Big bull shark at jetty got ran out by storms
On 09/11/09 Lots of redfish at jetty
On 09/12/09 Lots of rain but the reds were biting strong
On 09/18/09 bull reds, trout and sharks
On 09/20/09 bull reds, gafftop
On 09/21/09 night trip speckled trout and flounder
On 09/24/09 night trip 15 flounder and trout
On 09/26/09 ship channel trip bull red feeding frenzy
On 10/01/09 bull reds and 8 flounder
On 10/03/09 black tips and bull reds
On 10/04/09 redfish all morning hooking 4 at a time action was fast
On 10/06/09 great trip catching lots of bull reds gafftop and golden croaker
On 10/10/09 Bull reds lost count at 20 or so up to 50 inches
On 10/11/09 Bull reds still going strong
On 10/13/09 golden croaker trip cathing 60 fish
On 10/14/09 keeper reds up to 28 inches a few bull reds and lots of golden croaker
On 10/30/09 caught several flounder
On 10/31/09 caught 15 flounder
On 11/02/09 flounder fishing catching three man limit
On 11/08/09 limit of flounder, gulf trout and mangrove snapper
On 11/11/09 four man flounder limit lots of bull reds and gafftop
On 11/14/09 great flounder bite
On 11/15/09 great flounder bite
On 11/17/09 Limits of flounder
On 11/18/09 Flounder still going strong
On 11/20/09 5 man flounder limit and 30 mangrove snapper
On 11/21/09 flounder limit,mangrove snapper lots of rat reds
On 11/25/09 Reds and flounder mangrove snapper biting great. Flounder getting bigger by the day.
On 11/28/09 Flounder,mangrove snapper,sheep heads,pup drum,gulf trout
On 11/29/09 Lots of big flounder including a monster 9 pounder.
On 12/04/09 flounder bite good
On 12/12/09 5 man flounder limit (25 fish)  several red fish
On 12/13/09 6 man flounder limit (30 fish)
On 12/20/09 Flounder bite good catching 2 man limit
On 12/22/09 Tough fishing managing a few reds and trout
On 12/26/09 Jetty fishing catching sheepheads
On 12/27/09 Reds and sheepheads at jetty
On 01/05/10 Fishing getting tough catching a few black drum
On 01/15/10 sheepheads and reds at jetty
On 01/23/10 big black drum at jetty
On 01/24/10 sheepheads and reds at jetty on live shrimp
On 01/26/10 big black drum on blue crabs
on 02/02/10 Few reds and drum on live shrimp
On 02/07/10 Tough fishing managing to catch some monster drum
On 02/15/10 few sheepheads and rat reds
On 02/21/10 The big black drum hit crabs and reds on live shrimp
On 03/02/10 Big black drum on blue crabs at jetty
On 03/07/10 Fish biting good at jetty
On 03/12/10 Jetty trip good catching fish 30+ pounds
On 03/13/10 good redfish bite
On 03/14/10 drum on blue crabs and sheepheads on live shrimp
On 03/15/10 Reds and drum bit good
On 03/16/10 channel fishing was great
On 03/18/10 Big drum still going strong
On 03/19/10 large fish at jetty on blue crabs
On 03/20/10 Bull red and lots of black drum today
On 03/23/10 sheepheads and giant reds and drum
On 03/24/10 strong bite at jetty catching large number of fish
On 03/27/10 sheepheads reds and drum
On 03/28/10 Big fish still biting
On 03/30/10 few small sharks and lots of drum
On 04/02/10 drum and reds
On 04/03/10 reds and lots of 30+ pound drum
On 04/05/10 sheepheads at jetty and a monster black drum
On 04/06/10 Slot red feeding frenzy in channel on live bait
On 04/07/10 redfish still biting catching 4 man limit
On 04/10/10 few nice reds a large 6 pound trout and limits of sheepheads
On 04/12/10 Keeper drum and a few specs
On 04/14/10 keeper drum,specs,whiting,croaker,gulf trout,stingrays
On 04/15/10 Reds trout drum at jetty
On 04/17/10 gulf trout sheepheads and drum
On 04/18/10 bull reds up to 30lbs
On 04/20/10 keeper red and black drum
On 04/23/10 Over 30 fish including a giant 51 inch red that was 42 lbs
On 04/28/10 big trout and reds at jetty
On 04/29/10 High wind made it tough but managed a few reds and sheepheads
On 05/01/10 Trout reds and sharks
On 05/02/10 Sharks rays and jacks
On 05/04/10 sharks reds trout whiting rays
On 05/05/10 sheepheads sharks and big reds at jetty
On 05/06/10 Jetty fishing great
On 05/07/10 sand trout bite fast and furious also shark bite decent
On 05/08/10 still good trout bite also pup drum and reds
On 05/10/10 bull reds and sharks bit at jetty
On 05/11/10 few nice specs on live croaker and shrimp wade fishing the pass high wind made it tough
On 05/15/10 sharks were in a feeding frenzy
On 05/18/10 limits of specs on the beach front
On 05/19/10 specs still biting strong on live bait catching 4 man limit
On 05/20/10 sharks at jetty also few reds and gulf trout
On 05/21/10 sheepheads drum and gulf trout at jetty
On 05/26/09 Trout in the surf eating live croaker
On 05/29/09 slot reds and trout
On 06/01/10 specks and reds
On 06/02/10 Bull reds and lots of sharks
On 06/03/10 Shark feeding frenzy
On 06/04/10 trout and reds at jetty
On 06/05/10 lots of big reds and trout at jetty using live bait
On 06/10/10 Sharks biting great
On 06/12/10 Trout bite on reefs good also big bull reds at jetty
On 06/14/10 windy and rough but got shars to bite in channel
On 06/17/10 trout and reds on live croaker
On 06/19/10 sheepheads and lots of trout
On 06/20/10 15 specs 10 gulf trout and a few reds on a 1/2 day trip 2 people
On 06/23/10 Shark trip catching black tips
On 06/25/10 Specks and limits of keeper drum for 3 men
On 06/26/10 Limits of keeper drum and 12 specks on 1/2 day jetty trip
On 06/28/10 Trout,drum,reds,sharks at jetty
On 06/29/10 Good spec bite along with keeper drum and rat reds
On 06/30/10 The shark and bull red bite was good in the channel over the reef
On 07/01/10 Shark trip great
On 07/03/10 trout bite on live croaker
On 07/10/10 Bull reds at jetty
On 07/15/10 shark trip good catching 30 sharks
On 07/18/10 macks and trout
On 07/28/10 good trout bite wade fishing
On 08/01/10 shark trip good catching black tips
On 08/02/10 trout and sharks at jetty
On 08/04/10 specks macks pompano reds and sharks at jetty
On 08/08/10 sheep heads sharks and bull reds
On 08/10/10 sharks, bull reds,pompano,trout
On 08/12/10 black tips and bull reds
On 08/14/10 sharks,drum, bull reds, gulf trout
On 08/18/10 black tips,spinners,hammerhead,sharp nose sharks
On 08/20/10 gulf trout whiting croaker gafftop bull reds
On 08/21/10 bull reds blacktips gulf trout
On 09/01/10 Trout and reds
On 09/03/10 Sharks and bull reds at jetty
On 09/05/10 bull red feeding frenzy in channel
On 09/07/10 still reds goin crazy
On 09/10/10 mackereal sharks and bulls at jetty
On 09/11/10 jetty fishing great
On 09/12/10 jetty bite still strong catching 23 bull reds
On 09/14/10 bull reds trout and sharks
On 09/18/10 channell trip bull reds and sharks
On 09/19/10 channel trip still bull reds
On 09/25/10 jetty trip bull reds and trout
On 09/26/10 Great jetty trip catching 43 bull reds 2 sharks and 10 trout
On 10/01/10 redfish bite great
On 10/03/10 trout good flounder fair all small
On 10/06/10 Flounder all small
On 10/08/10 bull reds and sharks biting great
On 10/10/10 big sharks at jetty
On 10/14/10 jack fish and mackeral at jetty also nice reds
On 10/16/10 trout,jacks,reds,sharks,at jetty
On 10/17/10 good jetty bite
On 10/18/10 great bite today on reds and sharks
On 10/21/10 jetty trip good catching jacks,reds,rays,sharks,trout,macks,kings
On 10/22/10 slot reds and pup drum at jetty
On 10/23/10 bull and slot reds biting great
On 10/24/10 bull reds and black tips
On 11/01/10 bull reds still biting good few flounder
On 11/05/10 flounder bite good
On 11/07/10 flounder getting bigger and biting stronger
On 11/10/10 great flounder bite
On 11/12/10 flounder and gulf trout bite great
On 11/15/10 flounder bite very good
On 11/20/10 flounder and gulf trout bite great
On 11/22/10 flounder going strong
On 12/01/10 30 flounder day
On 12/02/10 27 flounder day
On 12/03/10 24 flounder day
On 12/04/10 3 men 15 flounder thats a limit
On 12/05/10 very cold bite kinda slow 2 men got 8 flounder the bite should get good again
On 12/15/10 great flounder and red bite
On 12/22/10 trout bite good in channel
On 01/03/11 gulf trout bite good
On 01/03/11 few reds gulf trout and sheepheads
On 02/05/11 sheepheads and gulf trout
On 02/08/11 big black drum and sheepheads
On 02/10/11 black drum bgite pretty good
On 02/15/11 drum bite on blue crabs and sheepheads on live shrimp
On 03/01/11 slot reds, black drum
On 03/03/11 big drum, slot reds, 30+ sheephead
On 03/07/11 Tons of gulf trout and sheepheads
On 03/13/11 sheepheads, black drum and gulf trout
On 03/14/11 few reds and lots of sheephead
On 03/15/11 slot reds, sheepheads and gulf trout
On 03/16/11 jack fish, mackeral and sheephead
On 03/17/11 gulf trout, jack fish, sheephead
On 03/18/11 redfish, gulf trout,gafftops, and stingrays
On 03/19/11 stingrays, shark, black drum and reds
On 03/20/11 stingrays, mackeral, redfish, gulf trout and sheephead
On 03/24/11 tons of sheephead, few redfish
On 03/26/11 reds, whiting,stingrays sheephead
On 03/27/11 sheephead, redfish and gulf trout
On 04/02/11 big gafftop, sheephead and gulf trout
On 04/03/11 gulf trout, big gafftop, redfish and sheephead
On 04/08/11 cleaned 50+ fish
On 04/10/11 redfish, sheephead, gulf trout and gafftop
On 04/11/11 several large sharks, gafftop and gulf trout
On 04/13/11 bull reds, black drum, sharks and gafftop
On 04/20/11 Bull reds sheep heads and lots of gafftop sail cats
On 05/01/11 trout,drum,reds,sheepheads
On 05/02/11 trout biting strong also bull reds
On 05/03/11 shatk trip was good catching black tips
On 05/05/11 sharks and bull reds at jetty also bunch of gulf trout
On 05/07/11 tons of gulf trout and bull red bite good
On 05/08/11 big bull reds at jetty bunch of gulf trout and few small sharks 3ft
On 05/09/11 few reds and gaftops biting also tons of gulf trout
On 06/01/11 bull reds, sharks and gaftops
On 06/03/11 sharks, bull reds, gulf trout
On 06/04/11 sheepshead, redfish, drum and gulf trout
On 06/05/11 sheepshead, gulf trout, bull reds and shark
On 06/07/11 trout, redfish and sharks
On 06/08/11 limits of slot reds, sheepshead and pup drum
On 06/09/11 bull reds, slot reds, pup drum
On 06/10/11 good speckled trout bite, bull reds
On 07/01/11 shark bite great
On 07/04/11 trout bite good at jetties
On 07/07/11 trout still biting good  at jetties
On 07/14/11 trout and keeper reds
On 07/19/11 speckled trout, sharks and reds at jetties
On 08/01/11 specked trout bite hot at jetties
On 08/02/11 specked trout still hot catching limits
On 08/03/11 specks, lady fish and reds
On 08/06/11 bull reds and trout
On 08/10/11 sharks bull reds trout and tons of mackeral
On 08/12/11 mackeral trout lady fish bull reds
On 08/14/11 bull reds black drum slot reds trout and mackeral
On 08/16/11 specs bull reds sharls and mackeral
On 08/26/11 mackeral biting great catching 40+ and a few shaks and bull reds
On 09/03/11 bull reds, keeper reds, black drum, stingray
On 09/04/11 sharks, bull reds, slot reds, black drum
On 09/09/11 tons of bull reds, sand trout, sharks
On 09/10/11 bull reds,slot reds, sharks, and pup drum
On 09/18/11 bull reds, slot reds, sharks
On 09/22/11 bull reds, sand trout and shark
On 09/28/11 bull reds, slot reds, sand trout and shark
On 10/01/11 bull reds, slot reds, trout
On 10/04/11 bull reds, slot reds, flounder
On 10/06/11 keeper reds, bull reds, golden croaker
On 10/09/11 bull red bite was great, black drum, keeper red
On 10/13/11 bull and keeper reds, flounder
On 10/17/11 bull and keeper reds, golden croaker
On 11/10/11 Flounder and gulf trout
On 11/17/11 Flounder bite great
On 11/29/11 Flounder bite been great for weeks
On 12/01/11 Flounder going strong
On 12/05/11 Flounder good
On 12/10/11 Flounder still around
On 12/14/11 Flounder bite slowing down
On 12/18/11 60+ gulf trout and a few flounder
On 01/10/12 gulf trout and sheepheads
On 01/15/12 sheepheads gulf trout and reds
On 01/25/12 lots of jetty action all kinds of fish
On 01/30/12 slot and bull reds big black drum and tons of gulf trout
On 01/31/12 few flounder few big reds and a good drum bite
On 02/01/12 Big drum and sheepheads
On 02/02/12 gulf trout and pup drum
On 02/07/12 black drum and trout
On 02/10/12 few big reds and some slot reds bit on live shrimp
On 02/15/12 reds and drum on live shrimp also big drum on blue crabs
On 02/20/12 few flounder bites and bunch of gulf trout on afternoon trip.
On 03/01/12 Giant drum biting blue crabs
On 03/02/12 Slot reds on live shrimp
On 03/05/12 Big drum hitting great
On 03/06/12 Great action at jetty catching very large fish
On 03/09/12 Few big reds and about 10 giant drum on a half day trip.
On 03/15/12 slot reds pup drum and sheepheads
On 04/01/12 great jetty bite
On 04/03/12 jetty fishing still strong
On 04/05/12 trout and reds at jetty
On 04/10/12 sharks at jetty also big reds
On 04/15/12 bull reds and lots of trout
On 04/18/12 shark bite great at jetty
On 04/22/12 shark and rays biting at jetty
On 05/01/12 sting rays sharks gaff tops and gulf trout
On 05/03/12 bull reds and sharks
On 05/05/12 Shark bite great at jetty
On 05/07/12 Bull reds sharks and gulf trout
On 05/10/12 few trout and reds lots of sharks at jetty
On 05/12/12 shark bite good
On 05/14/12 sharks trout reds mackeral
On 05/17/12 rays mackeral reds and trout still bunch of sharks
On 05/22/12 specks mackeral gafftop reds sharks at jetty
On 06/01/12 sharks and reds at jetty
On 06/10/12 good bite at jetty catching everything
On 06/12/12 trout at bridge by pelican island
On 06/15/12 shark trip was great catching 32 sharks
On 06/18/12 trout on beach front
On 06/20/12 great trout and red bite
On 06/23/12 trout bite still strong on live bait
On 06/28/12 water great and the fish hungry catching large numbers of specs and mackeral
On 08/10/12 great trout bite also few reds
On 08/15/12 bull reds and sharks
On 08/17/12 gafftop reds trout and a giant ray
On 08/23/12 redfish and specs at jetty
On 08/27/12 big reds and sharks at jetty
On 08/29/12 big bull reds and slot reds at jetty and trout in channel
On 09/01/12 Redfish biting good and mangrove snapper
On 09/03/12 good redfish bite on cut shad at jetty and great trout bite on live shrimp
On 09/10/12 great bull red action catching large numbers of fish
On 09/13/12 Bull reds and slot reds biting great
On 09/15/12 bull reds spawning eating every bait that hits the water
On 09/20/12 bull reds going strong
November flounder run was great!!
On 12/06/12 flounder still going strong
On 12/15/12 reds bit good at bridge mangrove snapper going strong
On 12/19/12 flounder bite great catching 25
On 12/29/12 very cold but we managed 16 flounder in 4 hours
On 12/30/12 jetty trip for bull reds produced 7 40 inch plus fish in 2 hours
On 12/31/12 Flounder bit good in am but slowed down by 9 so went after reds and got 5 in an hour then the rain came.
On 01/05/13 sheepheads biting good on live shrimp
On 01/10/13 mangrove snapper sheep heads and drum
On 01/20/13 great bite at jetty big reds and sheep heads live shrimp
On 01/22/13 Big drum biting blue crabs also great sheephead bite under poppin cork
On 01/25/13 Black drum,sheepheads,slot reds at jetty live shrimp
On 01/27/13 Big black drum biting blue crabs in channel
On 02/05/13 big black and red drum in channel
On 02/08/13 reds and giant drum slamming we got 37 over 20 lbs
On 02/12/13 bull reds and big drum at jetty
On 02/20/13 still over sized drum on blue crabs
On 02/26/13 great bite at jettys catching reds and drum
On 03/05/13 jetty on fire catching very large drum
On 03/06/13 jetty drum trip non stop action catching large fish and lots of them!!
On 03/10/13 Sharks at jetty big reds and blacks also
On 03/16/13 bull red bite good catching limits
On 03/22/13 bull reds,sharks,gafftops,and tons of sheepheads
On 03/24/13 great action at jettys
On 03/31/13 sheepheads and bull reds at jetty!!
On 04/02/13 few larger sharks,bull reds and tons of sheepheads
On 04/04/13 Bull reds and sharks eating cut bait st jetty lots of action on light tackle also
On 04/08/13 got a 6ft shark at jetty lots of 3 footers big reds and a few trout sheepheads still going strong!!
April through July has been great fishing.  We have been catching tons of redfish, sharks, trout, etc.
On 08/01/13 jetty fishing on fire catching large redfish
On 08/05/13 shark trip chasing shrimp boats produced very large sharks
On 08/07/13 jetty action still hot slamming 20+ lb redfish all day
On 08/09/13 jetty trip produced large gulf trout, gafftops, sharks, and reds
On 09/10/13 bull red run in full force
On 09/25/13 jetty fishing great 
On 11/01/13 bull reds biting great at jetty,flounder showing up
On 11/18/13 flounder biting great
On 11/22/13 bull reds still biting good
On 11/29/13 flounder biting great in channel on live mullet
On 11/01/13 flounder in channel still running catching limits
On 11/05/13 good bite on gulps today catching a 2 man limit of flounder 
On 12/10/13 good redfish and flounder bite
On 12/20/13 bull reds biting good on cut bait
On 12/24/13 flounder biting on gulps and live shrimp
On 12/29/13 sheepheads and slot reds on live shrimp 
On 02/05/14 big reds and drum at jettys
On 02/09/14 giant drum biting blue crabs
On 02/15/14 big blacks and tons of sheep heads at jetty 
On 06/01/14 deep sea snapper fishing great
On 06/02/14 king fish, ling, snapper biting good
On 06/03/14 jetty trip catching sharks, bull reds, and trout
On 06/06/14 shark fishing great
On 06/11/14 shark hunts, sharks going nuts biting everything that hit the water
On 06/19/14 bull reds, sharks, etc.  jetty bite good
On 06/21/14 close offshore, kingfish, sharks, got 1 sailfish!! 
On 06/22/14 speckled trout, bull reds, sheephead, mackerel, sharks all biting good at jetties 
June has been a great month for deep sea, close offshore and jetty fish all producing large numbers of fish 
On 10/01/14 the redfish bite is great at jetty
On 10/05/14 slot reds,puppy drum, bull reds and sharks biting good
On 10/12/14 redfish,sharks,gulf trout,gafftops all biting great some flounder starting to show up in the channel.
The fall months are great fishing for giant bull reds. The end of October-December the flounder bite is very good.
On 11/10/14 great flounder bite on gulp and live bait
On 11/22/14 Flounder still going strong also catching  few big reds
On 12/09/14 bull red trip at jettys went good catching a 3 man limit
On 12/15/14 flounder bit live mullet and mud fish
On 12/22/14 good jetty bite using live shrimp
On 12/23/14 sheepheads and black drum at jettys using live shrimp 
March has been a great month for fishing the large drum and sheepheads are going crazy were catching daily limits for up to 6 fisherman. The fishing should continue to be great for the rest of spring into summer!!
On 03/27/15 Jetty fishing great catching large numbers of keeper drum & sheepheads, few bull reds and even a couple of sting rays. 
The fall bullred fish run is in full swing catching large numbers of big reds up to 50 inches
On 10/30/15 6 man limit of bull reds  and some nice flounder. the flounder are starting to show up!!
On 11/18/15 great bull red bight and a limit of flounder  
On 01/05/16 few flounder and a good sheephead and red  drum bite
March fishing at jettys was very good catching limits everyday  
On 04/04/16 blue water trip great catching huge amberjack and all kinds of snapper and reef fish 
The summer of 2016 was great action from deep sea to jetty and shark fishing!! 
On 01/02/17 jetty fishing good catching slot reds and sheepheads and tons of gulf trout
The 2017 fishing season was great
On 03/01/18 big black drum and sheepshead at jetty
On 03/03/18 super windy 20+mph but managed a few bull reds
On 03/04/18 good sheephead bite
On 03/05/18 black drum and bull reds on blue crabs, sheepshead on shrimp